Why Contract with a Parking Enforcement Company?


Managing private property, open to the public, can be difficult especially in regards to parking. Depending upon the size and thickness of the paved areas, companies spend hundreds of thousands and even millions paving and repaving their parking lots. How quickly and how often these expenses will be incurred are directly related to the frequency of use, duration of use and the types of vehicles which make use of the parking lot. An increase in utilization equals more wear and tear. Solution? Only allow those who patronize the property's businesses to use the parking spaces. But who has the time or energy to differentiate between patron and trespasser, customer and squatter? Buckhead Parking Enforcement, LLC, that's who!

Buckhead Parking Enforcement (BPE) is a licensed and insured parking enforcement company which offers property protection at no cost to the owner. Parking violators pay for our services. We specialize in vehicle immobilization which holds the violator responsible for their unauthorized parking and deters them from parking on your property again in the future. In addition, we patrol your property and this watchful presence  averts crime activity  and creates a safer atmosphere. Tenants are happy, customers are pleased, and your property is protected, all at no cost to you.  Allowing us to get started right away is a win-win for you, but game over for parking violators. We know you are a busy professional. Let us set your mind at ease!

We Specialize in Semi-Trucks and Other Heavy Trucks
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